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Lily's Payback:

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A Lesson to Die for:

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Little Feather Honorable Mention Short Story 


THE NATIONAL ENDOWMENT OF THE ARTS selected Andy's Ignite Your Dreams! "Big Read" program for national literacy



Lily's Payback  Honorable Mention  Romantic Thriller 



Lily's Payback  Honorable Mention Romantic Thriller

Dr. Andy Rose

"I loved this line from Lily's Payback's back cover copy 'Can the teachers write a lesson plan to overcome the ruthless killer?'

That one line nails the primary strength of author Andy Rose's hardboiled mystery, which has a most unusual heroine: a middle school teacher. This is a great idea, a very fresh approach, and one the author makes terrific use of to tell a quick, exciting, plot- twisty tale of revenge and international intrigue.

The ideas flow well, and though there are elements of the story that might seem implausible at first blush, it all wraps together in a way that makes it work. Finally, the long-suffering teachers get their payback."

Contest Judge 

"This is a riveting story of powerful friendships built upon the very real human desire for vengeance that one feels after the murder of a loved one. Andy Rose writes this highly emotional novel against the back drop of corporate espionage, international crime, and murder on a global scale. It is a tale of ordinary people who take on an extraordinary challenge to confront one of the most dangerous criminals in the world. I found it hard to put down."

Robert Patrick Taggart,

Retired Police Commissioner, Yonkers New York

"Dr. Andy has crafted a wonderfully ingenious piece of thriller fiction. Lily goes through all the permutations fine fiction demands. In her quest, things get worse for her, and then worse than that, worse still and finally ... You just have to love the Scottish lore and the Russian mafia. All this with the surprising collaboration of other schoolteachers!"                                          

Edward F Aarons, L.L.B.,

former editor of Medical Economics Magazine, retired IBM Sales Promotion Writer, and Representative for the International Visitors Program, the U.S. State Department.    

"Do not misconstrue his favorite Native American saying: 'Nothing is so gentle as true strength and nothing is so strong as true gentleness.' Dr. Andy is a ninja to be reckoned with!"

Philip Tierno, Jr. PhD,

Director of Clinical Microbiology and Immunology, New York University Langone Medical Center; Former Trustee, Norwood Board of Education